Thursday, July 31, 2008

How Cool is That!

Pardon my youthful burst of enthusiasm but I'm at PBwiki Summer Camp for Educators. Blame it on the fact that as a kid I never when to real summer camp. Maybe it was a fear of mountain lions. Maybe a fear of three-legged races.

This is Week Two of PBwiki's six-week event and I haven't had the need for mosquito netting. You see, it's all virtual. About 1,000 teachers interested in wikis and learning how they can be jazzed for the classroom are logging on and collaborating in what is turning out to be an awesome learning experience. There is weekly homework though that comes with this camp. Think of it as "arts and crafts" or more like "survival training." Hey, there's extra credit, too.

Always up for trying out the next Web 2.0 gizmo to engage my students ever-demanding attention spans, I'm wowed at the list of mostly free resources available to teachers. Well, today I'm jazzed about a new application at Animoto makes mini-movies with rockin' appeal. All I had to do is create an account, upload some images (in the public domain or my own), select from some great music available on the site, and Animoto takes it from there. About 10 minutes later they send me a link and embed code for this >>

Now, how cool is that!

Almost as cool as the educational possibilities . . .(stay tuned).


helenabaert said...

I created an animoto as well but your idea is so cool. Creating one to introduce topics you will address in your course. Hope you don't mind if I use your idea! :)

ceyo said...

Please run with...I have to admit I got the idea from one of our fellow campers--a fifth grade teacher who was showing famous locations --like Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge--around America in an animoto and giving students extra credit for identifying all five. I'd love to know/see what you come up with.

T. Garcia said...

Absolutely attention grabbing. The students will think you are awesome.

ceyo said...

Yeah, if Animoto will get through the school filter! (Working on that with IT.) My hope is that mys students will create awesome ones of their own in response to literature.